We Buy Cash Flowing Apartments Across the United States
Our Unique Approach
"It's all about taking care of our capital"
What we do...
At the core of our business model, our primary focus is to identify potential cash flowing multifamily assets with all the right fixable problems. We partner with Investor Capital and Bank Debt to arrive at a capital stack that meets our conservative underwriting. Utilizing Operations, we formulate a plan to increase occupancy and rent growth by eliminating deferred maintenance and bringing the property to its peak condition. With our 5 year time horizon, this allows us to maximize our profits and sell the asset for top dollar.
Why work with us?
  • Experience = Cash Flow
As seasoned real estate investors, our team has thousands of hours mastering apartment investing. We train our team to pay attention to the little things at the property level that make the most impact.
  • We Simply Do The Work
We acquire multifamily assets in prime locations by extensively underwriting 95% of all assets in the markets we follow. This gives us great deal flow, allowing us to go after deals that meet our criteria. Using conservative underwriting and appreciation assumptions, we expect these opportunities to increase in the coming years.
  • Strong Emerging Markets
Our strategy is to patiently acquire, manage and operate multifamily assets which generate high yields and passive cash flows. We selectively position ourselves to take advantage of opportunities on the horizon. In addition, we only target strong employment centers with growth and stability trends.
Apartment Acquisition Criteria
Cap Rate:
Minimum 7% (based on current financials)
Target Return & Investment Period:
  •  6 to 8% annual cash on cash return (based on current financials)
  •  10 to 14% total annual return over investment period
  •  5 to 7 year hold period
General Criteria:
  •  Potential high yield income streams
  •  20% below replacement cost
  •  Cash equity - "All cash" or "Cash to existing debt"
  •  Value add opportunities sought
Target Markets:
Nationwide growth markets
Transaction Size:
$1 to 30M and 50+ Units
Asset Type:
B+ to C+ multifamily properties; prefer B class in A market and C+ class in B market opportunities
Prefer stabilized properties with minimum 85% occupancy. Will consider lower occupancy if property is well located and has value add upside. 
Prefer 1978 and newer, but will consider all age properties 
Property Criteria:
  •  Utilities - Individually metered units preferred
  • Roofs - Pitched roof construction preferred, but not required
The Pallet Process
"Our trusted cash flow formula guides our team"
1) Acquisition Filter
Allows us to thoroughly analyze 95% of all deals in our targeted markets with only 2% to 3% qualifying for further review. This strict filtering process ensures that only assets that meet our conservative underwriting criteria and cash flow requirements get selected.
2) Due Diligence Audit
When on site, our team of experts inspect and analyze all financials and the physical condition of the property to mitigate potential risks and uncover opportunities for our investors. Only qualified deals move forward.
3) Management Advantage
Our systematic team approach to performance, KPIs and people constantly elevates our communities to the highest standards. This ensures predictable investor cash flow and appreciation.
4) Investor Return Maximizer
Utilizes a cash flow centric approach, driving profits to the bottom line, while maintaining the asset. This positions the property for a proper and profitable exit for our investors. With return of equity and profits, our investors are now positioned to take advantage of the next Pallet property acquisition.
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